I like to create things, be it sewing, knitting, cooking, cocktailing, gardening, or the random craft or project – in general I like to make things.  In order to catalog my projects and give myself future inspiration I decided to start this blog. It will likely be lacking in specifics about my life, long detailed paragraphs, or consistent postings.  In general – it won’t promise much.

It also happens that I like trying new things.  Below you’ll find a list of new things I want to try.  Things may be added or randomly fall of the list as my interests change.  Sometimes I will write about trying things or other times I will merely cross them off the list.   Clearly, this blog may be lacking in specifics and structure.


1. Sew some skivvies.
2. Fire a shot gun.
3. Homebrew.
4. Have my astrological chart or tarot cards read.
5. Swim in a local hot springs.
6. Try rock climbing.
7. Wear a toga (Halloween ’11).
8. Skinny dip.
9. Stay in a non-traditional hotel.
10. Boudoir photos.
11. Go in a Sensory Deprivation Tank.
12. Get my nails Shellacked (August ’12)
13. Learn to sail.
14. Hot yoga.
15. Go horseback riding (again).
16. Hike Mt. St. Helens.
17. Take a painting class (Fall ’11).
18. Learn how to make a Spanish coffee.

Added in 2012.

  1. Make homemade pasta.
  2. Aerial fitness.

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