Home Owners


On November 15th we officially became homeowners.  We started our search back in March and were convinced that we wanted a house similar to the one we had been renting – a 100 year old craftsman bungalow.

We looked at everything that became available in our area.  We soon discovered that  with an older home came a lot of work, that we didn’t necessarily have the time, skills or money for. The first house we made an offer on ended up having major foundation problems and we withdrew our offer.  In the second house we would have had to rebuild the entire basement just to make the house livable.  And the sellers of a third house provided us with a prior inspection and refused to make any repairs even when we included the cost of the repairs in our offer.


After four previous offers we ended up in the neighborhood we were hoping for (about 10 blocks from our last house), and in a 1970’s ranch – almost the exact opposite of what we were looking for.  It’s perfect – no basement to worry about flooding, no cracks in the foundation, new windows, and a decent roof – completely move in ready!


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