Reading List 2012

Here’s what I have been reading lately:

This was so good that I promptly had to purchase:

Which I also loved. This series is so great, I can’t recommend them enough. Witches, vampires, love and history written by a historian; seriously, how can you go wrong? My only complaint is that I have to wait for the third and final book.

And I most recently finished:

The Twelve, this is the second book in The Passage Trilogy. This book is DENSE. I really enjoyed it but you are in it for the long haul, especially if you can’t put it down like me.

Clearly, this year is all about fantasy. By my count I have read three books about witches, two books about the vampire apocalypse, and two books about magic. I don’t think that this year is so much about fantasy, as I have a feeling that I am just embracing my inner fantasy nerd.

* I also read Crossed which was recommended to me as “Hunger Games with Romance” This is very must a young adult book and I’m not really counting it as part of my yearly book list.


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