Potato Plants Pre-Digging


Potatoes Dug

I think potatoes are quickly becoming one of my favorite crops.  They take oh-so-little work and are oh-so-satisfying to harvest.  You just water the plants, add dirt or hay, let them die, and then dig!  Plus, when you dig them up you get the added benefit of feeling like an old timey prospector panning for gold.  I planted red, purple and white and each flowers accordingly.

So far we have used the small potatoes in a warm summer salad, made plenty of breakfast hash, and purple mashed potatoes.  The purple potatoes are really lovely and maintain their color on cooking.


3 thoughts on “Potato

  1. I love growing potatoes, too! Digging them up is like a weirdly fun scavenger hunt. I’ve got some sweet potatoes going now. I won’t dig them up until later in the early fall since they were planted so late. That’s assuming of course that the garden isn’t dead. My workplace is undergoing massive construction this summer and they shut the water off on me two weeks ago. I haven’t gone back because I don’t want to depress myself. I’m sure the garden is totally dead and wrecked. Sucks. So much money, time, and effort flushed down the toilet. Le sigh. That’s why I’m so happy to see gardening posts from people this summer! I can live vicariously through them! : )

  2. Ohhh I haven’t tried growing sweet potatoes, and I LOVE them. I bet they are doing better then you think. They might be small but you will probably still get something.

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