Wonky Log Cabin

I’ve FINALLY finished my blanket.  I started this back in February and finally finished it mid-July.  Sadly one of the biggest impediments to getting this finished was running out of white thread and being to lazy to buy more.


It is a wonky log cabin in greys, navy and yellow and the white sashing actually has a light blue bubble print.  The “wonky” style was a perfect fit for me as I didn’t need to be as precise but could cut and piece randomly to my heart’s content. For once I took the time to trim each block exactly to the same size, which unsurprisingly made a huge difference. For the back I used a grey fabric with white octagons, it’s hard to tell from the picture but the octagons are actually irregularly shaped to compliment my wonky blocks.  As usual, it is also a slightly wonky size – too small for a bed, but perfect to sleep under on the couch.

My favorite part – all folded and complete.


2 thoughts on “Wonky Log Cabin

  1. It looks great! I just got the book “The Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt” with 111 blocks that you are supposed to piece together for a quilt, so hopefully I can get going on that!

  2. Jane, I would love to see the blocks once you start! I have a hard time following quilt patterns, I tend to get distracted and then my blocks get off!

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