My Pride and Joy


My Lemon Tree!

I received this tree two years ago for my birthday and last winter, it’s first Pacific NW winter, I nearly killed it.  All that was left were two measly leafs.  All summer I nursed it back to health and at the end of the summer I reaped the fruits of my labor – one miniature lemon the size of a pea.  This year I did my research, moved it inside well before the first frost, kept it in a south-facing window away from the central heating system, watered it regularly and misted the leafs daily.  In December, she bloomed fully and smelled wonderful.  I didn’t lose a single leaf this year and the tree actually grew new leafs and branches over the winter!

I moved her outside last week but I’ve missed having her in the house to constantly check in on and monitor the growth.  There are three blossoms that I pollinated and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this year will be the year we actually get fruit.


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