Aerial Fitness


Last Friday, I went to an aerial fitness class with two friends.  The first part of the class was hard.  Really hard.  Mostly because it involved hoisting yourself up onto a bar in different ways and I have super weak arms.  However, once we got to swinging and twirling things started looking up.


Then once we got to the fancy pants ropes, things were even better since it’s mostly legs and not upper body.  I was sore the next day (my armpits are still sore) and I had a big fat blister on my hand but it was worth it.  Once you are actually swinging, twirling, climbing and hanging it’s great. I’m planning on signing up for a course on aerial yoga!


3 thoughts on “Aerial Fitness

  1. I don’t remember when I first heard of it, maybe a year or so ago, then all of the sudden in January I got a groupon offer for it and figure it’s now or never! I had no idea about Aerial yoga until I went to the class.

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